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10mm Recessed Glazing U Channel 2.4M long Polished/Brushed Finish

Product code: SDCF38BA
10mm Recessed Glazing U Channel 2.4M long, Polished, Brushed Finishes

Recessed Glazing U Channel for a seamless, Frameless Glass Shower look, for 10mm Thick Glass.
overall dimensions: height: 17mm x width: 14.5mm x thickness of material: 2mm. Please see image for full dimensional details.
  • Ideal for Recessing Glass and Creating the "All-Glass" Appearance
  • Top of Channel Angled to Assist With Water Deflection
  • Top Lip Helps Cover Edge of Tile
  • Available in 2 Different Finishes:
  • Polished Chrome look
  • Brushed Nickel Look
  • All these U channels are made of the highest quality extruded aluminium, and finished in either of the 2 finishes above.
  • This U-Channel is the ideal selection for recessing into the floor, wall, or ceiling to provide the frameless "all-glass" appearance. 
  • The top lip of the U-Channel is angled to deflect the water away. 
  • A lip on the top of the U-Channel covers the edge of the tile. 
  • Glass is wet glazed into Channel. 
  • 98 inch (2.49 meter) stock lengths are available for 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm)
  • choice of brite anodized and brushed nickel finishes.
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Brand CR Lawrence
Condition New
Product Code SDCF38BA
Weight 2kg