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#15 Shower Door Seal bubble 8, 10 & 12mm glass 2.4M long

Product code: PCR10

#15 Shower Door Seal bubble 8m, 10mm & 12mm glass 2.4M long

This Shower Door Seal or Bath Screen Seals has a squash bubble bellow seal for 8mm to 10mm and 12mm glass thicknesses. Translucent, High Quality + Durable water seals made from Plastic. The soft Bulb portion of the Seal allows doors to swing both ways, inwards and outwards

Technical Data:

  • Sealing Strip Glass with a squash bubble bellow
  • Glass thickness:    8mm to  10mm and 12mm
  • With:    squash bubble bellows
  • Length:   2400 mm
  • Material:    Plastic
  • Max. allowable continuous temperature:    60 °C
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Brand CR Lawrence
Condition New
Product Code PCR10
Weight 2kg