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#33 Shower Seal overlap glass 20-22-28mm gap 8-10-12mm 2.4M long

Product code: PC1200

No˙33 Shower Seal overlap glass 20-22-28mm gap 8-10-12mm 2.49M long

  • Ideal for Use with Sliding or Overlapping Glass door Systems
  • 98" (2.49 m) Stock Lengths
    • Three available Gaps can be bridged, with 3 available glass thicknesses
    • 20mm for 12mm thick glass only ( code: PC1200 )
    • 22mm for 8mm thick glass ( code: PC0890 )
    • 22mm for 10mm thick glass ( code: PC1090 )
    • 28mm for 10mm thick glass only ( code: PCSER78 )
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
  • CRL's CRL Polycarbonate 'U' with 90° Vinyl Finseals multiple uses include applying to the sliding door or fixed panel of a Hydroslide Sliding Door System, or as a 90º seal for a fixed panel meeting a door at 90º
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MPN PC1200
Brand Brook-Water Design
Condition New
Product Code PC1200
Weight 2kg