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Angle Adjustable Sloping Ceiling Staybar-10-12mm glass, chromed

Product code: BO5420055,BO5420111,BO5420161,BO5420101
Angle Adjustable Sloping Ceiling Staybar -10-12mm glass

  • 1 x Glass Connection, For glass side or glass ceiling mounting,
    • Diameter outside 30-4 mm
    • Length 50-8 mm
    • Finish chrome plated
  • 1 x Pivoting Connection, Glass thickness 10-12 mm
    •  Turns 90º
    • Insert depth 29 mm, Finish chrome plated
  • 1 x Ceiling Connection 90º
    • Insert depth 35 mm,
    • Finish chrome plated
  • 1 x Reinforcement Bar
    •  º19 mm
    • Inside º16 mm
    •  Finish chrome plated
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MPN BO5420055,BO5420111,BO5420161,BO5420101
Brand Bohle
Condition New
Product Code BO5420055,BO5420111,BO5420161,BO5420101