ClearTap Spares

The ClearTap Water Filtering Kitchen Mixertap by Ideal Standard

This water filtering kitchen mixer is one of the best in the world, with a range of feature that other taps simply do not have. The best feature is that fact that it filters your drinking water without the need for a separate tap, how great is that!

We stock the water filter replacement cartridges A963858NU

the ClearTap A963858NU water filter cartridge meets the highest water quality filter standards in the world. It eliminates Odor, Reduces Turbidity, Reduces Lead by 99.3%, Reduces Live Cysts 99.99% by Filtration. it also has an Extra LONG-LIFE Capacity-250 gallons+ of pure filtered water!

We have every possible spare part you might need

from Cleartap Manifold Seal Rings and Kit, A960102NU to Cleartap Handle Mechanism Cartridge and Seals, A963865N and everything in between, We DO NOT charge for UK Mainland Shipping and we are also very flexible & will ship direct to your delivery site.