Shower Seal Faqs

Fitting a New Shower Seal for your glass shower screen or bath screens.

Our shower & bath seals use "memory technology" to remember the original shape. This makes for a more robust & efficient seal, giving a much longer working life.

We stock 77+ different models all listed here :ALL OUR SHOWER SEALS single fin, double fin, single fin & water deflector, double fin & water deflector, twin magnetic strips for glass panels that meet at 90, 180 & 135 degree angles, right & left angles, overlapping seals, balloon types and we now stock Self Adhesive Seals too!

special glass cleaner, 250ml, from BrookWaterOur shower seals are easy to fit, simply clean your glass screen with our SPECIAL GLASS CLEANER & slide on the seal to its full extent. Cut off any excess not required.

Installation instruction for fitting onto a straight screen

  1. ensure the seal is the correct size for the glass thickness
  2. ensure that the gap you are trying to bridge is not so great or small that the seal does no good or is too tight & as such slips off
  3. If in doubt, please call us on: 01297 44 60 60 & ask for technical advice re: seals. We'd be happy to help you out ;-)

Installation instruction for fitting onto a curved screen

All of our seals can fit onto curved screen but the following procedure needs to be followed:

  1. Place your length of seal in a bath with hot bath water (not water from a kettle)
  2. Allow the hot water to soften the seal so that it is pliable to the touch.
  3. When pliable place seal onto shower door & hold in place until cooled completely.
  4. When cooled completely it should stay in place.
  5. If your curved screen has an acute curve to it you might need to place silicone sealant in the seal before placing onto your screen.

If step 1. is not done at the correct temperature of water (65 to 75 degree only) & step 2. not done for long enough (10 mins); this procedure will not work & neither we nor the Manufacturer will be held responsible.

CRL Clear Silicone Sealant 300ml prefessional standard

If you have any trouble fitting your shower seal please try these additional steps:

  1. Immerse the seal in hot water 80-85 degrees C for minimum of 20 minutes. (ensure the seal is completely immersed under the water by placing an object to hold & keep it under the water.)
  2. Bend the seal by hand to shape & place on the door, while still warm/hot.
  3. Apply high quality clear silicone sealant to seal.
    Or, use our CLEAR Silicone Sealant 300ml from £3.73 each
  4. Place seal onto the door & hold in place until it has cooled. (if necessary get another person to assist in this)

When your shower seal perishes, is old & in need of replacement, we will have exactly what you want. We have seals that will fit 6mm glass, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm glass. These seals are made from the best available materials that are long lasting & look good for the longest period. All our Seals are made by either BOHLE or CR Lawrence world leaders in shower seal technology. Do NOT settle for anything less!