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CRL UV604 Medium Viscosity UV/Visible Light Adhesive from 30gm to 1Ltr

Product code: UV604L30
CRL UV604 Medium Viscosity UV/Visible Light Adhesive from 30gm to 1Ltr
  • Especially Strong Glass to Metal Bonds
  • UV and Visible Light Cure
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Optically Clear
CRL UV604 is a medium viscosity, 100% solids, UV/Visible light curable adhesive formulated to form high tensile shear and peel strength bonds to a variety of substrates such as glass, laminated glass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, stone, wood and some plastics. This adhesive does not have capillary properties; therefore it must be applied to the bonding surface prior to assembling the parts.

Additional Product Info:
Of particular interest is its suitability for bonding laminated safety glass. The PVB film between laminated glass panes absorbs almost all of the UVA radiation, but because this adhesive has been made to also cure by daylight, it reacts with the remaining radiation (above 380nm) and cures completely.
Cured bonds of CRL UV604 are optically clear, resistant to moisture and thermal cycling. Store adhesive away from sunlight.
CRL7528 Cleaner and Degreaser provides for optimum adhesion when used first to prepare the glass by removing any dirt and grease that is present.
Note: When bonding plastics, always test first, as not all plastics can be bonded properly.

Do not bond any coated parts (powder coated or galvanized) with this adhesive.
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MPN UV604L30
Brand CR Lawrence
Condition New
Product Code UV604L30