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DoorLock Type 4 Chrome Thumb Turn+Indicator Sliding Doors

DoorLock Type 4 Chrome Thumb Turn+Indicator(Sliding Doors) suitable for 8mm, 10mm , 12mm thick glass Description: · Special Features: Indicator on Exterior Displays Red if Lock is Activated; Blue if Lock is Open * Material: Solid Brass * Suitable for Glass Doors from 5/16" (8 mm) to 1/2" (12 mm) Thick * Lock Can be Used Glass-to-Wall, or Glass-to-Glass with Optional Matching Receiver This CRL Glass Door Lock with Indicator is an attractive and practical way to add security and privacy wherever 5/16 to 1/2 inch (8 to 12 millimeter) glass doors are used in Glass-to-Wall or 180 Degree Glass-to-Glass installations. A turn of the thumbturn on the interior side of the Lock changes the color of the exterior indicator. Emergency access is made possible by a low profile screw on the exterior face. The Lock comes with a wall mounted strike plate, screws, and anchors. Both Lock and Receiver, used for glass-to-glass installations, come with gaskets and hex wrench. It appears your Web browser is not configured to display PDF files. No worries, just click here to download the PDF file.
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Brand CR Lawrence
Condition New