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The Doulton Rio 2000; a Whole House Doulton Water Filter System

Is the best way to get clean clear filtered water in your home, from every tap! the Doulton Rio-2000 unique use of 6 individual Doulton Ceramic water filter cartridges in the system ensures high flow rates with only minimal pressure drops.

The doulton rio 2000 high-flow ceramic water filter is Suitable for whole house or whole kitchen installation

A comparable system that uses Reverse Osmosis or Ultra Violet Light would cost anywhere from £250.00 to £600.00 this system is both efficient & cost effective. Truly very good value for money.

the RIO2000 High Flow Multi Candle Filter Module details:

Doulton rio 2000 high flow ceramic water filter carousel of 6 element filters module, fits the industry standard 10 inch “Big Blue” type housing. (which is supplied). Doulton ceramic water filter you can trust - the Ceramic filter elements are manufactured in the UK under ISO conditions to meet international drinking water requirements. High flow - Filter module offers a superior flow rate of up to 520 gallons (2000 litres) per hour at 3 bar pressure. (depending on supply water quality)