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"N-UV" UV Steriliser, 24watts, 16 Ltrs/min, 1/2" NPTF Ports

Product code: ACNUVS24

 "N-UV" UV Steriliser, 24watts,  16 Ltrs/min, 1/4" NPTF Ports

We’re pleased to offer a new range of 5 economy U.V. systems.

Recognising the benefits of stainless steel for U.V. chambers, we now offer a complementary range from a lower cost source, while still retaining the CE and pressure ratings required.

  • Max. recommended flow - 16 Litres / Minute
  • Audible Lamp Fail Alarm - YES
  • Chamber dimensions (mm) approx. 512mm x 64mm
  • Port size - 1/2" Female
  • Lamp power - 24 Watts
  • Operating pressure (max) - 8bar
  • Control box dimensions (mm) LxWxD - 104mm x 30mm x 58mm

Are you one of the nearly half a million people in the UK whose only source of drinking water is from a private water supply? These sources fall into one of three main categories: wells, springs or streams and boreholes, Our Ultra Violet (U.V.) sterilisers can help you to obtain bacteria-free drinking water from these types of supplies.

U.V. light destroys the cell DNA (or RNA in the case of viruses) making the micro organisms inactive. Our water sterilisers employ a low-pressure mercury vapour discharge lamp surrounded by a water jacket whose inner wall is made from a special UVC-transparent quartz material. The lamp produces a very strong spectral line at 254nm in the shortwave UVC region, which is the waveband most lethal to micro-organisms.

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Brand N-UV
Product Code ACNUVS24