Coffee Machine Hard Water Calcium Filters

Coffee Machine Hard Water Calcium Filters

Product code: CTU5
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Brand: Brook-Water-Uk

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Coffee Machine Hard Water Filter, remove calcium and improve water taste and odour, for Home, Office, Pop-up cafe, Festival Coffee Shop, to larger establishments, with larger coffee shops & restaurants.

These type of Calcium & Hard Water Treatment Units are designed to reduce limescale and improve the taste of incoming feed water. They are ideal for coffee machines, water boilers, combination ovens, vending equipment, baking overs and bulk brewers.

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered for the perfect coffee
  • Exceptional capacities across the range
  • WRAS Approved • Simple installation
  • 15% Blended head for improved taste and coffee extraction
  • Protects coffee equipment from limescale meaning, prolonged machine life and reduced breakdown & repair costs
  • Unbeatable pence per litre
  • 100% Recyclable (contact us for details)
  • All Port Sizes are 3/4" BSP inlet / outlet
  • Minimum & Maximum pressure: 1.5 Bar to 6 Bar
  • Maximum Water TemperatureL 35 Deg C


H x W (mm)
capacity in
cmctu-5L Single Coffee Machine 390 x 170 2560
cmctu-10L 2 group espresso head 485 x 200 6,580
cmctu-18L 3 group espresso head 545 x 263 13,160
cmctu-23L 4 group espresso head 648 x 263 15,350
cmctu-30L Multiple Machine outlets 963 x 263 25,590
cmctu-10+MP 2 group head+Meter & By-Pass 485 x 200 6,580
cmctu-18+MP 3 group head+Meter & By-Pass 545 x 263 13,160
cmctu-23+MP 4 group head+Meter & By-Pass 648 x 263 15,350

All Model features a single inlet, single outlet, and an integral bypass which allows a blend of untreated water to pass through, to improve taste, colour and odour, and increase capacity. Please note: bypass varies according to pressure and flow rate, usually 15%

The system doesn't mix carbon with the resin, which means the system can undergo regeneration, making the system more environmentally friendly. The carbon is located in the riser tube, which is the best place for polishing the water, giving maximum taste reduction.

All units engineered for the perfect coffee, these Calcium Treatment Units are specially formulated for use with espresso machines and coffee making equipment. Get the most from your coffee machine. Not only will the drinks taste fresher, but the machine will also be protected from the harmful effects of lime-scale, ensuring maximum coffee flavour for a perfect coffee experience. The perfect alternative to single-use plastic water filters, the CTU can be regenerated, recycled and returned to market making it a genuinely green filter providing not only protection for your equipment, but protecting the environment and keeping our oceans and landfill free from plastic. Available in 5, 10, 18, 23 and 30 litre capacities. 

15% blended head for improved taste and coffee extraction The Prima CTU takes out most of the harmful elements whilst retaining some of the minerals that enhance the aromas and tastes of the coffee. Designed with a blended head to further improve the taste and quality of the coffee on offer