CRL UV701 Low Viscosity UV/Visible Light Adhesive 30,100,250gm

CRL UV701 Low Viscosity UV/Visible Light Adhesive 30,100,250gm

Product code: UV701T30
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Brand: CR Lawrence
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CRL UV701 Medium Viscosity UV/Visible Light Adhesive from 30gm to 250gm

  • Ideal for Production of Glass Furniture
  • Cures within Seconds Upon Exposure to UV Light

  • Capillary Action
    Acceptable Bondline Gap: 0.5 to 1 mil (.0127 to .0254 mm)
    Tensile/Shear Strength: 1737 psi

CRL UV701 is a low viscosity, 100% solids, UV/Visible light curable adhesive formulated to form high tensile shear and peel strength bonds to a variety of substrates such as glass, laminated glass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, stone, wood and some plastics. This adhesive does not have capillary properties; therefore it must be applied to the bonding surface prior to assembling the parts.

Additional Product Info:
Due to its excellent capillary action (low viscosity) it is ideal for glass-to-glass and tempered glass-to-tempered glass bonding, primarily in the construction of showcases and the efficient production of glass furniture. Reduced clean-up time means glass furniture production cycles are done quickly and efficiently.

Bonds prepared with CRL UV701 are optically clear as well as resistant to moisture and yellowing. The adhesive cures within seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet light. The speed of cure depends on the UV intensity as measured at the product surface, as well as the adhesive depth. Store adhesive away from sunlight.

CRL7528 Cleaner and Degreaser provides for optimum adhesion when used first to prepare the glass by removing any dirt and grease that is present.

 Note: When bonding plastics, always test first, as not all plastics can be bonded properly. Do not bond any coated parts (powder coated or galvanized) with this adhesive.


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