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Resilient Pads(spacers)x 30 for Glazing U Channels

Resilient Pads (aka spacers) for Glazing U Channels
  • Outside Diameter: ø 8 mm
  • Overall height: 2.2 mm high
  • Fixing method: Self-adhesive
  • Colour + appearance: crystal clear standard
  • Quanitity: sheet of 30 spacers
How to use:
  • Resilient Pads raise the glass away from the screws in the Glazing Channels, this helps to make a better + more secure fit for your frameless shower screen.
  • After installing your glazing channels, place a resilient pads on either side of each and every screwhead.
  • Then apply your adhesive along the channel before sliding in your glass.
  • You may have to use tweezer's or needle-nose pliers to install.

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MPN BO5200172
Brand Bohle
Condition New