Staybars,Glass to Glass, Wall or Ceiling

Shower Staybars for Bathroom Screens, 90, 45 & 180 degree angles

Shower staybars & reinforcment bars for free standing glass shower & above bath screens, All our staybars are made by either BOHLE or CR Lawrence world leaders in shower staybar technology. High Quality, Durable Shower staybars made from brass or stainless steel & then finished in polished chrome, brushed steel or satin chrome

Always Use glass support bar arm for shower screens when your screen is over 2m tall or is wider than 900mm

using a shower stabiliser bar is a sensible precaution to ensure that there is not too much movement on the outside corner of the shower screen. It is especilly advisable to use a staybar when the glass is 6mm or 8mm thick, in these instances, we always recommend using a staybar, even if the shower or bath screen is less than 900mm wide & less than 2m tall.

We stock 15+ different models of Shower & Bath screen staybars

90 degree Ceiling to glass support bars, 90 degree wall to glass support bar, 45 degree glass to wall shower glass support bar, 180 degree glass to glass shower support bars, variable / adjustable angle glass to wall, variable / adjustable angle glass to sloping ceiling. For glass sizes from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm glass thicknesses. Our staybars are easy to fit, NO need for glass cut-outs, simply measure & fit. Make sure your home is safe fit a staybar today!