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UV Adhesive Verifix® MV 760 - 20mm tube

Product code: BOMV76002
UV Adhesive Verifix® MV 760 - 20mm tube
Due to its outstanding properties, the UVA curing adhesive Verifix® MV 760 is extremely versatile and therefore ideal for glass/metal and glass/glass bonds. Verifix® MV 760 is mainly used for constructions that are subject to high static or dynamic forces. Its high elongation at break compensates for the expansion of different bonded materials without loss of adhesion.

Shelf life in original packaging: 18 months from the date of manufacture

Technical Data:
  • Viscosity:    medium 1500 mPas
  • Shear strength:    25 MPa / 3625.9425 Psi
  • Bondline gap:    0,08 - 0,5 mm
  • Max. allowable continuous temperature:    70 °C
  • Temperature range:    -40 - +120 °C
  • Colour:    crystal clear
  • Capillary characteristics:    none
  • Compensation of tension:    limited
  • Impact resistant:    yes
  • Suitable for use with activator:    no
  • Vibration absorbing:    yes
  • Moisture resistance:    yes
  • UVA curing:    yes
  • Light curing:    no
  • Construction:    open and closed
  • Yellowing resistant:    yes
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Product Code BOMV76002