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Glazing U Channel Install Guide 

Glazing U Channel For Fixing Frameless Glass Shower Screens

These U shaped glazing channels are made from polished anodised aluminium or from Stainless Steel.

  • Lengths: 2.49M, 2.2M & 3.65M, 6M lengths

  • Finishes: Aluminium: Polished Anodised, Satin Anodised, Brushed Anodised, Matt

    Black, White and others

  • Finishes: Stainless Steel: Polished or Brushed

    Some of these glazing channels have radius corners and a drilling guide in the bottom of the profle, Some have squared edged & No drill guide & some are pre-drilled at intervals of 20-30cm.

How to install shower glazing channels:

Frameless showers, all use what are called U-Glazing Channels. These are special channels made from either polished extruded aluminium or polished stainless steel. There are a number of ways to install these channels, such as allowing all tiling work to be completed & then installing the glazing channel on top of the tiles, or alternatively recessing the channel, installing the glass & tiling / grouting up to the channel edge / glass edge.

  • Mark the position of the drill holes:

    • which should be spaced out at every 20-30cm intervals using a special tile drill, pre-drill the holes through the tiles. Ensure the sub-surface is suitable to secure the channel.

  • The main consideration it to ensure that the glazing channel is either attached to the stud wall or to a solid or masonry wall & that the Screws used are the appropriate Type & Length, for a secure installation.

  • Installing the channel to the wall:

    • Apply a resilient pad (aka spacers) on either side of the screw-heads to lift the glass away from the screws, protecting it from damage & to assist in fixing at a level height & distance.

  • You might need to use needle-nose pliers to assist in this, as this can be quite fiddly to do. Using Resilient pads also ensures that you have silicone directly between the glass & the screw-heads, further waterproofng the fit.

  • Apply a bead of silicone to the line of installation, so that any gaps behind the channel are watertight. (you may want to consider using masking tape to ensure you application is neat & tidy)

  • Apply a bead of High Quality Professional-Silicone Sealant to the back edge of the glazing channel & press frmly against the wall

  • Screw to the wall, using the appropriate length screws.


We would advise that for a very smart finish,

  • first offer up the glass into the channel, then apply masking tape up the extent that the glass meets the glazing u channel.

  • Remove the glass, apply a generous amount of silicone sealant into the u channel

  • re-insert the glass, press in firmly, ensure glass is fully home, wipe any excess silicone.

  • Allow the silicone to cure for 1-2 hours, carefully peel of the masking tape, giving you a professional & straight edged finish.


For a truly frameless look

  • we also have recessed glazing u channels, in either a brushed or polished finish which are installed as per the above instructions but tiling & grout up to the edge of the channel.

  • This is the preferred option for a lot of installations. This method gives a truly stunning look, very modern, very professional. A truly bespoke & one of look. It also ensures a more waterproof & seamless installation.


Another important consideration

  • is the use of a stay bar / reinforcement support bars

  • If your glass screen is 8mm thick & is wider that 750mm or if 10mm thick glass & is wider that 850mm we would advise that you should seriously consider using a stay bar on the top outermost corner to add support & stability


we have a very wide range of Shower Stay bars & supports, please have a look to obtain the most suitable one for your needs, we have a range of finishes, polished chrome, satin chrome, brushed steel, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, round bar & square


Our Glazing U Channels are always in stock, lead-times are short 1-3 days delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland, delivery is FREE for all UK Mainland delivery. The price you see it the price you pay!

For Shower Seals to go with your glass, we stock 77+ different models and types listed. Single fin, double fin, single fin & water defector, double fin & water defector, twin magnetic strips for glass panels that meet at 90 degrees, 180 degrees & 135 degree angles, right & left angles, overlapping seals, balloon types and more.

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