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Zucchetti Tap cartridge install guide

please note: in the wake of Brexit & Covid-19 we strive to maintain an adequate stock of all items we list for sale. however sometimes we do run short of certain items. resupply from Italy can take a week to 10 days.

for "special-order" items; these can take as short as a few days to up to 4 weeks. we hope you understand. thank you.

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Zucchetti Isy Series Cartridge replacement guide:

Cartridge Removal:

  • When removing the old cartridge double check that the housing does NOT still have an "o" ring from the previous cartridge left behind.

  • Ensure that the cartridge housing is completely clean free from debris and scale free as well.

  • If there is some scale build up in the housing ONLY use neat lemon juice to remove it ensuring all trace of both scale and lemon juice are flush out completely BEFORE attempting to install new cartridge.

  • When dismantling the tap handle from the old cartridge ensure that NO parts from the old cartridge have broken off.

  • If they have REmOVE all old broken parts clean thoroughly before re-assembly

  • Please use the grey/blue cartridge install tool to ensure new cartridge is pushed fully home.

  • If the cartridge or the lever on top of it appears to be sitting too high up and is stopping the flange from seating down properly

  • The cartridge is not oriented properly within the tap body there is a small projecting pin on one side which locates in a slot in the brass body

  • The sealing O ring(s) from the old cartridge have remained inside the brass body preventing the cartridge from sitting down correctly

  • There is still the metal cap from the old cartridge stuck in the underside of the lever stopping it from engaging correctly on the head of the new cartridge



how to change zucchetti tap cartridge
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