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Discover our range of genuine Zucchetti tap cartridges, spares, and replacements. We offer a comprehensive selection of 12 items to fulfill your spare requirements. Please check the listings for the specific items you need. We also have additional listings available for your convenience.

Important note: Please be aware that you are selecting single items, and you will only receive the items you choose.

As an authorized reseller, we supply spares for all Zucchetti basin and bath taps, showers, and genuine replacement ceramic disc cartridges, shower and bath valve controls. Rest assured that the items we offer are authentic Zucchetti Design products from Italy.

Please note that while we strive to maintain adequate stock levels, there may be instances where we run out of certain items. In such cases, these parts need to be replenished from Italy, which can result in a delivery time of 7-10 days.

Here are the items listed in the dropdown menu:

  • R98111 - Replacement Cartridge for ISY Bathroom Taps
  • R97122 - Replacement Lever for Isy Taps (smooth finish)
  • R97120 - Replacement Lever for Isy Taps (knurled finish)
  • R99080.9500 - Flexible Tap Tails for Bathroom Taps (pair)
  • R99090 - Spare Tap Tail for Zucchetti Isy Stick (not a pair)
  • R99284 - Spare Tap Washer O-ring and Grub Screw Set
  • R98106 - Isy-Stick Wall-Mount Bath Tap Cartridge with Handle
  • R99285 - Isy Stick Spare Connector
  • R98461 - Flange for Zucchetti Isy Stick Basin Mixer
  • R99007 - Spare Part Set for Zucchetti Isy Stick
  • R99747 - Isy Spin Bath/Shower Mixer Tap TmV Cartridge
  • R98199 - Isy Spin Tap Handle Grub Screw and Indices Set

Special Note for Cartridge Removal:

  • Ensure that the housing is free from any "o" rings left behind by the previous cartridge.
  • Clean the cartridge housing thoroughly, removing debris and scale.
  • If there is scale buildup, use neat lemon juice for cleaning, ensuring complete removal of scale and lemon juice residue before installing the new cartridge.
  • When dismantling the tap handle, check for any broken parts from the old cartridge and clean them thoroughly before reassembly.
  • Use the grey/blue cartridge install tool to ensure the new cartridge is fully seated.
  • If the cartridge or lever appears too high and prevents proper seating of the flange:
    • Verify the correct orientation of the cartridge within the tap body, ensuring the projecting pin aligns with the slot in the brass body.
    • Check for any remaining sealing O-rings inside the brass body that may prevent proper seating.
    • Remove the metal cap from the old cartridge stuck under the lever to enable proper engagement with the new cartridge's head.

Genuine Zucchetti tap cartridges, spares, replacements, 11+ items

SKU: R98111
PriceFrom £1.00
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