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Experience the effectiveness of Everpure EV979835 ScaleKleen, the eco friendly descaler specifically formulated to remove and prevent limescale buildup in water-fed commercial food service equipment, including coffee and espresso machines. Keep your commercial beverage equipment operating at its best while reducing energy costs related to poor performance.

This non-toxic descaling agent is made from FDA-approved materials, ensuring environmental friendliness and safety for use in commercial food service establishments. Simply pour it down the drain without worry. For easy integration into your commercial water filtration system, use a compatible dip tube assembly (sold separately).

Key Benefits:

  • Improved non-clumping formula with non-discoloring packaging and clear date codes.
  • Restores equipment to peak efficiency by removing scale build-up.
  • Quickly eliminates limescale from coffee brewers.
  • Ideal for deliming steam and warewashing equipment.
  • Great for OCS applications.
  • Non-toxic and gentle on the skin, avoiding clothing burns like conventional deliming acids.
  • Safe for the sewer system, allowing easy disposal down the drain.
  • Achieve deliming without equipment disassembly when used with Everpure's JT cartridge, Kleensteam®, or HFC-10.

Keep your water-fed commercial food service equipment in top condition with Everpure EV979835 ScaleKleen.

ScaleKleen: Safe Descaler for Water-Fed Equipment

SKU: EV979835
PriceFrom £56.55
  • Smart, environmentally safe way to de-lime/ de-scale water using equipment.


    • Improved non-clumping formula
    • Improved non-discoloring packaging with easy-to-read date codes
    • Restores equipment to peak operating efficiency by removing scale build-up
    • Quickly removes limescale from coffee brewers
    • Ideal for deliming steam and warewashing equipment
    • Great for OCS applications
    • Non-toxic, safer to skin and won’t burn clothing like conventional deliming acids
    • Sewer system disposable, so you can pour it down the drain
    • When used with Everpure’s JT cartridge, Kleensteam®, or HFC-10, deliming is accomplished without equipment disassembly

    Product must be used according to the use instructions stated on the packaging

    Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request

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