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Experience the convenience and durability of our self-adhesive shower area seals. Made with high-quality self-adhesive tape from 3M, these seals offer excellent adhesive properties and long-lasting performance. Installation is a breeze - simply clean the desired area with an alcohol-based cleaner, peel off the backing tape, and apply the seal. Say goodbye to those frustrating shower leaks today!

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and long-lasting self-adhesive shower area seals
  • Made with high-quality self-adhesive tape from 3M
  • Excellent adhesive properties for a secure bond
  • Clean installation location with alcohol-based cleaner, peel, and stick
  • We offer 10 different types of seals for various applications, including door bottoms, door opening sides, squash bubble seals for tight spaces, and magnetic door-to-door seals
  • Enjoy free tracked UK shipping on all items, with worldwide shipping available

Available Seal Types:

  • SDTJT2 Shower Seal, Clear Bubble shape - 3.9mm Projection, 2.4M long
  • SDTBT2 Shower Seal, Clear Bubble shape - 5.6mm Projection, 2.4M long
  • SDTNLT2 Shower Seal Wall fix "L" shape - 8mm Projection, 2.4M long
  • SDTLT2 Shower Seal Wall fix "L" shape - 10mm Projection, 2.4M long
  • SDTDFT2 Shower Seal Wall/Glass fix 2 Fins - 7.5-5.9mm projection, 2.4M long
  • SDTST2 Shower Seal, Wall/Glass fix "V" Shape - 6mm Projection, 2.4M long
  • SDTWT2 Shower Seal Wall Fix "T" Shape - 11mm projection, 2.4M long
  • BK69260 Shower Seal Magnetic Glass to Glass - for 8-12mm glass, 2.5M long
  • BO5200335 Shower Seal, Bubble+Fin+Deflector - for 6-12mm glass, 2.4M long
  • BO5200336 Shower Seal 16mm Deflector - for 8-10-12mm glass, 2.1M long

Don't let a leaking shower dampen your day. Choose our self-adhesive shower area seals and enjoy peace of mind. With free tracked UK shipping and worldwide shipping available, order yours today!

Self-Adhesive Shower Seals Fix to Glass Edge, Bottom or wall side

PriceFrom £10.00
  • Installing self-adhesive shower seals is a relatively simple process that can help prevent water leakage and keep your bathroom clean and dry. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install self-adhesive shower seals, along with a bullet point list for easy reference:

    1. Gather the necessary materials: 
       - Self-adhesive shower seal
       - Measuring tape
       - Scissors
       - Mild soap and water (for cleaning)

    2. Measure the length of the area where you want to install the seal, such as the bottom edge of the shower door or the sides of a shower enclosure.

    3. Clean the surface: Thoroughly clean the area where the seal will be applied. Remove any dirt, soap residue, or existing sealant using mild soap and water. Make sure the surface is dry before proceeding.

    4. Prepare the seal: Unroll the self-adhesive shower seal and lay it flat on a clean surface. Allow it to adjust to room temperature for a few minutes if necessary.

    5. Cut the seal to the required length: Use scissors or a utility knife to carefully trim the seal to match the measured length. Ensure the cut is straight and even.

    6. Peel off the adhesive backing: Slowly and carefully peel off the protective backing from the adhesive side of the shower seal. Avoid touching the adhesive surface with your fingers to maintain its stickiness.

    7. Position the seal: Align the adhesive side of the seal with the edge or surface where it will be installed. Begin from one end and slowly press the seal firmly along the length of the surface, making sure it adheres evenly.

    8. Apply pressure and smooth out any air bubbles: After attaching the seal, run your fingers or a clean cloth along its length to ensure a secure bond and to eliminate any trapped air bubbles.

    9. Check for proper alignment: Verify that the seal is correctly positioned and aligned along the edge or surface. Adjust if needed by carefully peeling it off and reapplying.

    10. Allow the adhesive to set: Leave the installed shower seal undisturbed for the recommended period specified by the manufacturer. This will ensure proper adhesion and effectiveness.

    11. Test for water tightness: Once the adhesive has fully set, test the shower seal by running water along the sealed area. Look for any signs of leakage and make adjustments if necessary.

    Remember to consult the manufacturer's instructions that come with the specific self-adhesive shower seal you purchased, as they may include additional or alternative steps.

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